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Some Personal NOTES (ha ha! -- already a music pun!) on the Music….


The way in which music can so closely describe the various states of consciousness has always fascinated me.  Just as thoughts are patterns of intelligence, so, too, is music the result of superimposing patterns of a higher intelligence onto the energy of sound.


“Patterns of Intelligence” can manifest on physical, mental, emotional, intuitive and spiritual levels.  I feel that most contemporary music is designed to appeal to the physical and intellectual, rather than the spiritual, parts of our being.  Consequently, a significant part of ourselves is neglected and unfulfilled.  The Dreamflight Trilogy (i.e., Dreamflight, Dreamflight II and Dreamflight III) and my “Angel Trilogy” (i.e., Bringers of the Dawn, Angels and Ecstasy and Diamond Soul) are the result of an endeavor that began as a desire to nourish the higher aspects of our nature through music.


Thanks for visiting my website.  I especially invite you to explore the “Writings” pages that begins with an open letter to all those who enjoy and relate to this kind of music, then moves on to delve into such things as what intuitive music is; a poem about The Dreamflight Trilogy; an extensive commentary on the inspiration behind The Dreamflight Trilogy; the "Tonal Symbols" that I incorporate into my intuitive music that resonate with one's Inner, or Higher, Self; Judeo-Christian Symbology incorporated into The Dreamflight Trilogy; the “Life Symphony” we create (or “compose”) for ourselves that establishes our resonant frequency that, in turn, governs how we harmonize with the Universe; and the spiritual power of music.


I sincerely hope this music “works” for you.  Your comments would be respected and appreciated.


Herb Ernst




Thank you for your interest in my music and for visiting my new website -- complete with a player that lets you hear ALL my albums in their entirety!

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