Angels and Ecstasy

by Herb Ernst & Unita Belk

Released March 11, 1997
Mystic Visions, Inc.
Released March 11, 1997
Mystic Visions, Inc.
This euphoric, rapturous, romantic music touches your soul, enabling your intimate moments to radiate and glow with a deeper and more passionate spiritual experience and understanding of profound love.
Herb Ernst says, "I create intuitive music to reach the deepest parts of myself (and hopefully to reach others, too). Intuitive music has, at its core, inspiration from one's Inner, or Higher, Self, often containing melodic themes discovered in a relaxed or meditative state." Herb has been given a God-sent talent, using what he calls "tonal symbols" to inwardly awakens the listener to the brilliant rainbow of melodies and musical notes to create music that many, many people say touches something in them in a deep, beautiful and serene -- yet powerful -- way that no other music does. His music soothes the soul and lingers with you to enfold you in peace, harmony and a sense of hope and well-being.



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