Bringers of the Dawn

by Herb Ernst

Released March 11, 1996
Mystic Visions
Released March 11, 1996
Mystic Visions
The music -- ranging from passionate rhapsodies to childlike serene lullabies -- creates feelings of angelic rapture, carrying the listener to the deepest heart levels of inner peace and comfort that bring the dawn of spiritual light to restore the soul.
"The Angel of Comfort must surely inhabit the synthesizer of Herb Ernst. Herb's music is breathtaking in its shimmering radiance, eternal in its celestial scope, and healing in its heartwarming connections. A salve straight from Heaven." -- Carol Wright, Music Reviewer, NAPRA ReVIEW

Herb Ernst (creator of the classic Dreamflight Trilogy) again shares his intimate, intuitive Comfort Music inspired from his inner journeying.

The morning dawn has symbolized the awakening of higher awareness, a new beginning, the overcoming of darkness and fear and entering into light, love and hope -- a spiritual new day. "Bringers of the Dawn" refers to those angelic, spiritual beings who offer us comfort and support to help us enter that new day. As we are all "angelic" in our innermost nature, when we express love, comfort and support for each other we, too, are angels bringing in a new dawn to our planet.

This music is intuitively composed and played, thereby having at its core, inspiration from one's Inner, or Higher, Self, often containing melodic themes discovered while in a relaxed or meditative state. Its power comes from the sensitive use of archetypal "tonal symbols" (symbols being the language of the subconscious mind). For example, music trills symbolize Cosmic vibrations; soaring string sounds symbolize radiating Life Force; chimes symbolize focused thought energy. Ascending and descending scales and arpeggios, major and minor chords, water and wind sounds, tempo acceleration and deceleration, reverberation and echo effects, as well as the inherent timbres of the instruments themselves, all have their corresponding meanings to the Spiritual Self. These elements are all woven together into beautiful musical tapestries that characterize the music of Herb Ernst. Enjoy it from your innermost heart!



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