Euphoric and rapturous, this romantic music touches your soul.  Your intimate moments will radiate and glow with a deeper and more spiritual understanding of love after listening to Angels and Ecstasy.  Piano, strings and choir with vocal selections from the angel of song, Unita, will carry to a magic place where passionate physicality and ecstatic spirituality become one.

This deeper understanding and feeling of love will lead you to find an elevated level of spirituality that brings tears of joy and peace as you listen to the beautiful music that connects you directly into a higher level of understanding and true passionate loving.

Don’t let your life pass by without hearing this album!

“….It is like a soft, hazy, neon-like glow of a very deep, beautiful, everlasting, spiritual love.  My dear friends, this is one of the most peaceful, exquisite and loving feelings possible to feel, as long as we are on this planet.  This is your gift from Angels and Ecstasy.”

-- fan S.K.’s comments


Herb Ernst first created The Dreamflight Trilogy and this was followed by a new "angel trilogy" project, of which Angels and Ecstasy is the second recording (Bringers of the Dawn being the first and ending with the third recording Diamond Soul).

The music of Angels and Ecstasy was intended to facilitate the listener's achieving a balance between the opposite polarities of the physical and the spiritual and, in so doing, actually integrate these energies into a state of being higher than either one of these facets of ourselves can achieve singularly.  By blending these energies together, we at last become the "whole" person that we are capable of becoming instead of being less that we can be because of denying one or the other fundamental characteristics of our being.  For example, by denying our physical selves in an effort to become spiritual, we weaken ourselves by becoming out of balance with the creative nature of the universe.  And conversely, by denying our spiritual selves in an effort to immerse ourselves in physical pleasure, we miss out on the spiritual exaltation and rapture that comes from nurturing the inner soul.  Both polarities are required for achieving a state of completeness and integrated harmony with the universe.  The musical selections on the album alternate between these two polarities and then are finally synergistically merged together in the explosively passionate, ascending power of the last song "The Joining” – hence the inspiration for the title of the album.



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