After Herb Ernst created the Dreamflight Trilogy, he wanted to create an Angel Trilogy that would be the next step in a musical journey toward finding the Spiritual Center Within.  Conceptually, Diamond Soul is the third album in this trilogy, the first step of the quest being Bringers of the Dawn (focusing on connecting with the Innocence of our Inner Child); then the second step being Angels and Ecstasy (focusing on creating balance between the sensual and the spiritual aspects of our Being); and now the third step Diamond Soul (focusing on attaining inner peace through balancing all aspects of our being i.e., achieving Wholeness).

Diamonds symbolize clarity, purity and strength; soul refers to our innermost spirit, the core of our being.  Hence, the term Diamond Soul refers to a state of being where every aspect of Who We Are has achieved clarity and purity through a conscious connection with the Universal Divine Love-Intelligence, and this becomes the strength of our Wholeness.  In this diamond light of awareness we become prepared for the next step in our spiritual journey:  manifesting as open channels for the expression of God's deepest nature, LOVE.

This unique 69 minute neoclassical album blends piano, strings, harp, bells, choir and flutes to take the listener on a deep journey to the center (i.e., the diamond) of the Inner Self (i.e., the soul) to at last reveal Who We Really Are.  To do this, the music ranges from extended powerful rhapsodies of swirling strings, echoing piano arpeggios and cascading crystalline bells to gentle, delicate piano solos and fragile flute outpourings of pure heartcries from the soul.  The music uses tonal symbols to speak for the soul, asking you, the listener, to just finally allow yourself to express the Love that you already are in your innermost being and, in so doing, at last become the Whole person you were meant to be.

It took fifteen years to create this music and after playing this album for the first time, you'll understand why:  spiritual growth takes time.

And those who have trodden this path and who therefore are sensitive to this effort will agree:  yes, it was worth the wait.

Every moment.



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