Dreamflight captures the mind and opens the heart to delightful melodies of a deeply sensitive nature.  Gentleness and serenity bring together a masterful work that facilitates the Knowingness Within and creates a peaceful relaxation that remains even after the music is finished.  Whether serious or lighthearted, this music will enchant you!

Esoterica:  Dreamflight, originally released in 1986, has since been named as a “New Age Classic” by New Age Retailer Magazine.  For many years, music from this album has been used by massage therapists, hypnotherapists, counselors, healthcare professionals, hospice workers, nursing caregivers, meditation/yoga/reiki practitioners, ministers and many others worldwide for a variety of occasions and reasons.

{Note:  For those who are interested, there is a full commentary on The Dreamflight Trilogy that can be found in the "Writings" heading/link on this website. It goes into detail regarding “Tonal Symbols” and the inspiration behind the music.}



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