In the conceptual structure of The Dreamflight Trilogy, Dreamflight opens our hearts to enchanting melodies of a sensitive nature, facilitating a peaceful relaxation that remains even after the music is finished.  Dreamflight II takes us on a meditative journey into deeper realms of love, wisdom and joy, creating soaring images that bring inspiration and delight.  Dreamflight III joyously celebrates the beauty and majesty of Life Itself, musically weaving together the Inner Realm of spiritual awakening with the outer realms of everyday reality, opening us to a greater awareness of our personal Power.

Esoterica:  Approximately 75% of the music on Shirley MacLaine's double audio cassette "Going Within" was music by Herb Ernst and most of that was from Dreamflight III:  "Prima Materia," "Ascension" and "Song of the Soul."  (It also included "The Light of Forever" from Dreamflight II.)

{Note:  For those who are interested, there is a full commentary on The Dreamflight Trilogy that can be found in the "Writings" heading/link on this website.  It goes into detail regarding “Tonal Symbols” and the inspiration behind the music.}



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